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The activities of Irrigation Department, Government of Kerala are mainly classified into Major and Medium projects, Minor irrigation (Surface Water), Coastal Zone Management, Flood Management, Inland Water Transport, Irrigation Design & Research and Investigation. A mechanical wing is also functioning under this Department.
For the proper and effective functioning of this department, the works relating to the various branches have been brought under the control of six Chief Engineers as listed.

       Chief Engineer (Irrigation & Administration), Thiruvananthapuram
       Chief Engineer, Cauvery cell, Kozhikode (Former Chief Engineer, Projects I)
       Chief Engineer (Projects – II), Thiruvananthapuram
       Chief Engineer, Investigation & Design (IDRB) ,Thiruvananthapuram
       Chief Engineer/Administrator
     (Command Area Development Authority of Kerala), Thrissur
       Chief Engineer (Mechanical), Thiruvananthapuram
       Chief Engineer Kuttanad Package -Alappuzha
       Details of Staff