Periyar Valley Scheme

The Periyar valley Irrigation scheme in Ernakulam district envisages the utilization of the tail race discharge from the completed Hydel scheme in the Muthirapuzha tributary of river Periyar together with the controlled release from Ennackal dam constructed by Kerala State Electricity Board under Hydel scheme across the Idamalayar tributary and the dependable run off from the uncontrolled catchment of Periyar river. It is intended for irrigating an area of 32800 Ha of land lying on the left bank of Periyar river through a net work of canal system and controlling devices. The scheme helps in stabilization of first and second crops in an area of 32800 Ha and raising an additional crop in an area of 20000 Ha of 3rd crop (Puncha). Thus the gross potential ayacut of the scheme will be 85600 Ha and is spread over in Kothamangalam, Muvattupuzha , Kunnathunadu, Aluva, Kanayannoor and Parur Taluk in Ernakulam district.

Apart from Irrigation on left bank of Periyar, the scheme also enables in the right bank of Periyar, supply of water to FACT, supply of minimum quantity of water through the river to check the intrusion of salinity at lower reaches as well as to meet the requirements of many lift Irrigation scheme of river Periyar. Supply of water for drinking, industrial purposes etc is met by a portion of storage water by the barrage of Bhoothathankettu. The project was completed during the year 1992.

Details of the Project
 Periyar Barrage at Bhoothathankettu

  • Length : 210.92m
  • F.R.L : 34.95m
  • Capacity : 169.791Mm 3.

 Main canal
 The existing Main canal up to the Head regulator having a length of 8 km is partially lined canal.

 Low level canal
           The balance length of the existing Main canal from 8 km to 28.78 km is an unlined canal.

 High level canal
           The High level canal starts from the Head regulator at 8 th km of the Main canal and having length of   24.312 km. This canal is fully lined.

  Branch canals

  • 13 Nos Branch canals 178.15km
  • 4 Nos Major distributories 42.3 Km
  • 126 Nos River distributories 464.731 Km

Salient features




Masonry barrage at Bhoothathankettu



Ayacut area


Catchment area











76° 40’


10° 08’ 16”

Full Reservoir Level

+34.95 m


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