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The uneven distribution of rainfall causes damages to crops by flooding during monsoon and by drought during the summer season. Thus it is seen that Irrigation is a must for the successful cultivation of crops on Kerala.

Through there are various methods for providing Irrigation Water, the best and the most reliable method which can be used for for Kerala is the construction of storage reservoirs for impounding water during the monsoon and utilizing the water in the reservoir for critical periods of the crops when there is insufficiency.

During 1960’s and 70’s State faced acute storage of food grains. Hence, major and medium projects were taken up during that time to provide Irrigation facility for paddy. A major portion of the cultivable land could be made as ayacut under these projects. But, in the present context, priority has changed. Almost all projects are being converted into multi purpose projects in order to maximize the utilization of existing resources.

In order to improve the Irrigation potential, innovative MI Schemes have also been implemented in almost all parts of the state in the form of Lift Irrigation Schemes, improvement of existing lakes and ponds, diversion schemes for natural streams, prevention of salinity intrusion in rivers, drainage works to paddy fields, construction of check dams, vented cross bars, sluices. Construction of sea walls, flood damage control works including side protection works of natural streams and channels, etc. are other major areas of activities under the Irrigation Department.

Irrigation Department is aimed at providing a most efficient Irrigation system to the state of Kerala,which functions as the backbone for the improvement of agriculture in the state.

Apart from the above Irrigation Schemes, this department is responsible for protecting the Sea coast of 478 Km from sea erosion. This is achieved by protecting the coast by the construction sea wall.Construction of groynes are also done by this department at selected areas. Another important activity of this department is the Inland Navigation works.The west coast canal from Kovalam to Neelaswaram for a length of 590 Km except a distance of 168 KM under National water way No.III is to be developed as State Water ways.